(The sewa of Shriji starts with Mangala.In Mangala we wake up Shriji and give him milk, curd, butter, etc.)

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Bhavna : The Bhavna of Mangala is that Shri Thakorji is woken up by Shri Yashodaji,his mother,and given his breakfast (mangal-bhog).Shri Thakorji is the heart-throb of all the people in Vraj so Shri Yashodaji takes utmost care and wakes him up as quitely as possible.She tells him that the cows are ready to go out in the jungle along with the gwalas (cowherds)and Shri Krishna himself, she tells him that the sun has come up brightly in the sky, she also tells him that the milk which she has kept for him would get cold if he did not wake up.Hearing all this Shri Krishna rises to his feet.

Sewa-Kram (How to do sewa) : As Mangla is the first sewa of the day we must do dandvat (prostrate) as soon as we enter the room of sewa.The first sewa we have to do is sohini sewa(sweeping).We must do this sewa with all our heart as it is said to wash away all the ill-thoughts of our mind.The next thing we have to do is to prepare the mangal-bhog.Mangal-bhog includes milk, curd, yogurt, cream, powdered sugar and thor (the bhog may change depending on how the vaishnava does his sewa, for more details look at our page on the different types of sewa.).Then we have to take away the jhariji, etc.(the details are given in the shayan sewa-kram) that are kept near the shaiyaji (bed) of shriji, wash them and refill the jahriji and keep it on the sinhasan (Throne on which a velvet seat is placed).When this is done take attar (scent) in the hands and apply it on the sinhasan.Finally, ring the ghantaji (bell) three times, take some more attar and go near the shaiyaji to wake up shriji.Wake him up only after doing the vigyapti (request).After waking shriji carefully apply attar,  put on his vastras (clothes) and take him to the sinhasan.Place the mangal-bhog infront of the sinhasan and leave the sewa-room after doing the vigyapti (the vigyaptis of waking shriji and for bhog are different).Make the preparations for the shringar sewa.

Timing of mangal-bhog : The duration of the mangal-bhog may vary from vaishanava to vaishnava.Ideally the duration of mangal-bhog is 10-15 minutes, this peirod can be lengthened .

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