(In this sewa we ready shriji for the day by putting on different types of ornaments)

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Bhavna : Shri Thakorji has taken his brakfast (mangal-bhog) and is now ready to take bath.Shriji is a naughty child  and so hates taking a bath.When shri Yashodaji approaches him to give him the bath he runs away.On seeing this Shri Yashodaji prepares rotis, tops them with butter and offers them as a bait to shriji.Shri Thakorji falls into this trap and comes to Shri Yashodaji who catches hold of him, gives him a bath and makes him ready for the day.

Sewa-Kram : During the duration of the mangal-bhog look at the sewa pranalika for information on the type of shringar to be done on a particular day.Before entering the sewa room ask the permission of shriji by calling "Jai!Jai!Aaven?" (may I come in ?) then proceed to the sinhasan and do the achman- mukhvastra.Put elaichi and powdered sopari in a small bowl near shriji after doing the achman.Now take some attar into your hand and massage it on shriji's swaroop and then do snana (bathe)of shriji with water (the water must neither be too hot nor too cold).After this do the anga-vastra.Then carefully start putting on the shringar as written in the pranalika.Once the shringar are complete show aarasi (mirror) to shriji.Now do the preparations for gwala-bhog or Rajbhog.

Some important words

Sewa pranalika : A book which contains information about the different shringars to be done on different days.The sewa pranalika of each peeth differs from that of others.

Achman- mukhvastra : Achman means washing hands.In this sewa we wash the hands of shriji by taking a small pitcher and bowl near shriji and pour some water from the pitcher into the bowl with the bhavna that shriji is washing his hands after the meal.Mukhvastra is shriji's napkin.We must take it close to shriji and do the bhavna that shriji is wiping his hands after doing the achman.A mukhvastra must always be present at the sinhasan.

Anga-vastra : Anga-vastra means towel.We wipe off the water from shriji's swaroop by using the anga-vastra.It must be of soft cotton so that it doesn't hurt shriji, who is very delicate.

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